Setting the Pace of
Corporate Evolution

Revolution Insights Group was founded to apply cutting edge
analytics to the questions surrounding a company’s most
valuable asset, its Reputation. Our analytical approach draws
on mathematical models originally developed for the study of
evolutionary biology and genomics. Using these sophisticated,
unique analytical methods we can measure your fitness among
your peers, suggest strategies for improvement and monitor your progress.

Reputation model


Reputation Signatures

RIG’s proprietary statistical approach captures as much
information as possible regarding the multifaceted nature of
reputation. We have accumulated data on hundreds of
companies, observing the evolution of their reputation over
many years and by dozens of measures.

Using mathematical models developed by evolutionary
biologists, RIG develops a Reputation Signature for your
organization and your competitors. The Reputation Signature
highlights those corporate attributes that have the most influence
over your reputation, and allows you to develop strategies that
control corporate adaptation and optimize reputation.

Your Reputation Signature helps you to understand how your
reputation is formed relative to your competition. Whether you
are focused on competitors within your specific industry or at the
level of the very best companies in the world, RIG can help you
understand what attributes will put you on top. 

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  • Professor Paul Argenti

    Partner & co-founder,
    corporate responsibility, corporate communication
    Professor, Tuck School of Business

  • Brittny Calsbeek, Ph.D.

    Statistics, analytics
    Geneticist, Dartmouth College

  • Ryan Calsbeek, Ph.D.

    Partner & co-founder
    Adaptive landscapes, data management
    Evolutionary Biologist, Dartmouth College

  • Jennifer Kaye, MBA


Our Leadership

Revolution Insights Group was founded on the recognition
that the same evolutionary principles that guide adaptation in
nature can be applied to corporations striving to innovate on
a competitive landscape. Collaboration between evolutionary
biologists and corporate communications experts has led to
the development of our analytics and modeling capability, the
definition of Reputation Signatures and, at the end, to one
of the most innovative approaches to Reputation Analysis
and Management.

Our Partners

Copperfield Advisory knows that the most significant challenges
and the greatest opportunities facing organizations can be
tackled using the power of brand, reputation, marketing, and